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The Samurai Code

The Samurai code, otherwise known as Bushido, is a relatively conservative philosophy and system of beliefs that places a great deal of importance on loyalty and duty.  There are 8 tenants of Bushido:  Justice, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Honor, Loyalty, and Self Mastery/Control.  Many people often ask us what the Rent Slayer means and why do we have a whole samurai/ninja vibe on our website and marketing. The answer is simple.  As a 5th Dan Master in the Art of Tang Soo Do, the Rent Slayer lives by the principles set forth in the code of the Samurai and has developed a team to implement them into the art of slaying rent and evicting landlords.

For far too long, Renters have experienced high levels of injustice and mistreatment, living in deplorable conditions as a result of uncaring landlords.  Justice is here and the abuse ends now!  With a little bit of courage and help from the Rent Slayer renters can finally be free.  Compassion is the fuel that drives our team to make sure no renters are left behind.   If you are one who is tired of renting then you need to look no further.  Our reputation in the industry and the strategic alliances with local, caring, and professional real estate agents have earned us the trust and respect of the people in the communities we serve.   We honor our clients and all parties involved through great communication to ensure critical timelines, like commitment dates & closing deadlines are met.  Our loyalty to you doesn’t end once you have received the keys to your home.   You are now part of the Rent Slayer family, always available to you and your family long after the transaction is over.  And finally, as with all of the disciplines of the martial arts, it is our undying commitment to defend the rights of every renter who desires to own a home.

All in all, Rent Slayer is an unstoppable movement and our goal is to make you part of that. If you or someone you know is currently renting and needs our help or more information then we invite you to reach out to us.  Or if you are ready to get the ball rolling right away just fill out our quick and easy online application and someone on our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Either way, we hope you adopt the ways of the Rent Slayer and allow us to help you slay your rent and evict your landlord.

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