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5 Reasons Why Owning is Better Than Renting

If you are following Rent Slayer then you know that we are always encouraging and educating people on the importance of owning a home. While we understand why people get into renting homes and apartments, there is simply no long-term benefit to renting a home.

Here are the Rent Slayer 5 Reasons to Own Over Renting:

  1. Improving Credit: if you are someone that has a low credit score and you want to improve that, making a regular on-time mortgage payment is one of the strongest methods of credit repair.

  2. Significantly Lower Your Cost of Living: after 30 years of homeownership, you will own your home. That means no more payments. If you rent, those payments never go away.

  3. No Raising the Rent: That is right, you will know your mortgage payment and it won’t change. Also, no one can sell the property out from under you forcing you to find a new place to rent.

  4. Investment: one day you can sell your home and make money from the sale. Real estate is still one of the most lucrative investments available.

  5. You Get to Make it Your Own: want a pet? Want to paint the walls? You can do whatever you want in your own home!

Let’s keep it real, owning a home is a big investment. So many of our clients think that homeownership is out of reach and that is why they are renting. Give the Rent Slayer the opportunity to show you the options that you have for a mortgage.

It is time to slay your rent and evict your landlord!

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